Microsoft Runtime Installer for FlexApp

The Liquidware bundled Microsoft runtime installer provides a common set of libraries that are necessary to package applications on the FlexApp packaging console. This runtime installer should also be run on your base images.

View the Microsoft Runtime Installer Package for FlexApp knowledge base article, which provides an overview of the common runtimes included in the bundle and provides download and installation instructions

Download the latest version of the Microsoft Runtime Installer for FlexApp:

  • MD5: 2D86E234E1563557D272732CFBB8219micros7
  • SHA256: F854138A867AF1E52603A1AF797BA6DF8CDAA6C44F5884F91538C82A6B981B17

  • MD5: 655060969AEE1BD9F13FE4BAACDBBC56
  • SHA256: E86795A3A651DD7592A9F7B4CBB8B4A52AB752108521C45F726719CD12884B4F